air usa


About this PROJECT.

“AirUSA” is a unique documentary project currently in production. “AirUSA” follows it’s namesake, Illinois-based AirUSA, in its exclusive operation of high performance military jet fighters and trainers for customers including the U.S. military and major aerospace contractors. AirUSA’s pilots are some of the best fighter pilots in the world, many of them former instructors at TOPGUN and combat veterans. The planes AirUSA operates are also remarkable, including the British Aerospace Hawk and the MiG-29 supersonic fighter from Russia. While jet fighter planes operating in close formation, carrying out live fire exercises and night operations are thrilling and visually stunning, there is more to this story…
“AirUSA” is a celebration of the jet fighter pilot. The film looks at the history of the fighter pilot from the post WWII transition to jets to current events and beyond. In both peacetime and conflict, the rich culture and unique life of the military aviator, as well as changing tactics and weapons, are a world unto itself. “AirUSA” also addresses the complex and delicate post Cold War and 9/11 environment that has challenged the traditional approach to warfare. Looking to the future, the changing face of warfare and technology may even put the future of manned combat aircraft in question.
Filmed in state of the art digital cinema with unprecedented access to aircraft and pilots, “AirUSA” is a thrilling look at the past, present and future of fighter aircraft and their pilots.