Co-production of independent films

TD&S Media works with independent film productions to complete high quality films that appeal to a wide audience domestically and internationally.

Domestic theaterical release

Working with our releasing and marketing partner Red Phone Marketing, a highly successful firm with over 25 years of experience in film marketing and distribution, TD&S Media projects find domestic release in all major markets.
Learn more about Red Phone Marketing http://callredphone.com
TD&S Media is a U.S. based company specializing in the domestic market. We are happy to facilitate foreign distribution by working with the appropriate distributors and sales agents.

Home video and VOD intermediary

TD&S Media works with a variety of aggregators and reps for sell and license projects into the Home Video and Video On Demand channels.

method to the madness

TD&S (#TDSFilms) collaborates with filmmakers, distributors, financiers, VOD aggregators, theater owners, etc., around the United States to facilitate theatrical releases of truly independent films. TD&S also serves as an intermediary for Home Video and VOD releases both domestically and to foreign markets. TD&S accomplishes this by working with its extensive network of Venture Capitalists, Angle Investors and Institutional investment firms who view films as an interesting, small portion of their investment portfolios as opposed to their entire financial world. These funds are secured for Production, Post and Distribution of Independent films. Each project is unique and TD&S works with the filmmaker to find a solution and partnerships most appropriate for their projects. The result is yielding an ever growing stable of wonderfully entertaining independent films a wide demographic of people will certainly enjoy.