american high school woodshop


About this PROJECT.

In this tough-as-nails, coming-of-age comedy, high school valedictorian Chris Johnson’s plans for an Ivy League future are suddenly derailed by an unfortunate chem lab explosion. In order to keep the mishap off his permanent record, Chris must attend — and survive — Saturday detention under the watchful eye of the woodshop teacher, Jesse Ventura, an ex-Army Ranger who’s more than a little rough around the edges. While dealing with hilarious complications involving his misfit classmates, including the nerds, the tomboy, the stoner and the bully-from-hell, Chris has just one goal in mind: to make it through the day...without coming unglued!
Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura (Predator, The Running Man and WWE), Don S. Davis (Stargate, Twin Peaks, Cliffhanger) and Mitch Pileggi (The X Files, Sons of Anarchy, Basic Instinct) lead an excellent cast in a gritty and authentic high school ensemble.